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Product Overview /

Relays are available to switch from 12 to 52 circuits in configurations of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 52 poles with form C (double throw, transfer) switching and 60 poles with form A switching.  With 5 amp (800 series) and 1 amp (900 series) contact ratings, mechanical life is 30 x 106 operations with a typical contact resistance of 20 milliohms.

T-Bar Dust Tight Relays may be controlled by a continuous application of power, by a pulse of power or from a computer with a logic level signal.

Relay coils may be operated from 12, 24, 48, or 110 volts DC and 115 volts AC sources of power. Power requirements from 3 to 6.5 watts, dependent on contact arrangement.

Latching relays, magnetically bistable, add the advantages of eliminating power waste during a power loss.  T-Bar Magnetic Latching Relays are the same physical size as relays which require continuous power and are available in the same contact configurations.

Two coil configurations are available. Polarity inversion control is standard. The relay is driven into the set or reset (latch or unlatch) position by inverting the polarity of the control voltage. As an option, two coil (bifilar) operation can be supplied to latch or unlatch using the same polarity DC control voltage.

Regardless of contact arrangement, polarity inversion control requires 6 watts while the bifilar method requires 10 watts of power for operation.

Hybrid relays are available for computer controlled (logic) applications. Relays including latching relays with built-in compatible drivers can be triggered from solid state logic.

T-Bar Dust Tight Toggle and Pushbutton Switches are manufactured using the same 12 pole switching wafers
(both 800 and 900 series decks) used on T-Bar Relays.
This assures the same high level of reliability throughout
the T-Bar product lines of both relays and switches.

Toggle switches are available from 12 to 144 poles in form C switching with maintained action. Typically life expectancy is 50,000 operations.

Pushbutton Switches are momentary in operation and are available in general purpose contacts (800 series) only.  They are manufactured in contact arrangements from 12 to 36 poles for multi-circuit applications such as control panel lamp press-to-test, reset, and all-call.

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