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881/981 Hermetically Sealed Series

T-Bar Hermetically Sealed Multipole Relays offer contact protection against corrosive atmospheres, splashing water, sand, dust, salt spray and altitude changes. Switching and operating specifications and reliability are identical in all T-Bar Realys because teh same switching wafers and actuators are used.

Standard T-Bar Relays are installed in hermetically sealed metal enclosures, suing glasss-to-metal saled connectors. The enclosure is backfilled with an inert gas to protect the realys for shipboard, ground support and selected airborne applications. The glass sealed terminition mates with MS Connectos. Pulse operatedf magnetic lathcing relays are available.

* Available in 12, 24 & 34 poles form C, double throw.

* Coils may be operated from 6, 12, 24, 28, 48 and 110 Volts DC and 115 Volts AC.

* Protects against corrosive atmospheres, splashing water, sand, dust, salt and altitude changes.

* Uses glass-to-metal sealed connectors.

Hermetically Sealed Relay

Ordering Information
Example of part #: 987-12C-28-S
T-Bar Series (987)
Number of Contacts (12)
Contact Form (C)
Coil Voltage (28)
All other options (S)

T-Bar Relay Olympic Controls Corp.