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832/932 Environmentally Sealed Toggle Switch

T-Bar Environmentally Sealed Multi-Pole Switches offer contact protection against corrosive atmospheres, splashing water, sand, dust, and salt spray. Switching, operating and reliability are identical in all T-Bar Switches because the same switching wafers and actuators are used.

Standard T-Bar Switches are installed in metal enclosures and contacts are protected with an epoxy seal. The metal enclosure is backfilled with inert gas for ground support or shipbaord applications and in other hostile environments.

Terminals are also desinged to accept T-Bar Connectors.

Evnironmentally Sealed Toggle Switch

Single Toggle

Single Toggle Diagram

Ordering Information
Example of part #: 832-12C
T-Bar Series (832)
Number of Contacts (12)
Contact Form (C)

* Protected against harsh atmospheres.

* Epoxy sealed.

* Uses T-Bar Wafers.

* 1 Amp or 5 Amp.


Double Toggle/Triple Toggle

Double and Triple Toggle Diagram

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