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Product Overview
Dust Tight Relays
801/901 Relays
807/907 Magnetic Latching Relays
7801/7901 Hybrid Relays

Environmentally Sealed Relays

Hermetically Sealed Relays
Dust Tight Toggle Switches
Environmentally Sealed Toggle Switches
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Relays & Switches to switch more circuits reliably in less space.
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801/901 Dust Tight Series

The heart of the T-Bar Relays (and all T-Bar products) is a 12-pole switching wafer. Wafers are stacked on solenoid type actuators to produce relays which are available to switch from 12 to 52 Form C (Double Throw) circuits. Contact Ratings include low level data to 1 AMP (900 Series) and 1 to 5 AMP (800 Series) for control.

T-Bar switching Technology is the solution to the problem of Multi-Circuit switching. Whether it be gang switching, circuit selection or matrix switching.

* Available in 12, 24, 36, 48 & 52 poles. Form C, Double Throw,
Transfer Switching.

* Coils may be operated from 6, 12, 24, 28, 48 & 110 Volts DC
and 115 Volts AC.

* Protected against normal ambient dust conditions.

* T-Bar Connectors are hightly recommended.

Dust-Tight Non-lactching Relay

801 Series

900 Series Contacts
for Reliable Low Level Switching

The 900 series low level dual contact has the reliability of a bifurcated
contact with the added feature of orthogonal wiping action. The unique EDGE-TO-DOME contact guarantees a clean surface which is critical for low level signals. The 900 Series is typically used in computer I/O signals: voice and data-grade communications thermocouple and strain gauge outputs; all low level switching; whenever reliability is a premium, or whenever slight variations in contact resistance cannot be tolerated: microvolts to 1 AMP max.

900 Series Contact

800 Series Contacts
for Reliable General Purpose Switching

The 800 Series contact is a highly reliable gold-plated button contact.
With its high contact pressure and positive wiping action it is used in control applications and in general purpose switching, such as s relays, valves, lamps, etc., 5 ampere resistive rating.

800 Series Contact
Standard Options Chart
Options Designation
Mounting options for environmentally sealed relays:  
Top mounting Flange -2
Side mounting Flange -3
Coil Terminals: on 1-6 side of relay -4
Bililar coil for latching relays. Add "F" to coil voltage -F
High Insulation Resistance 50,000 megohms -H
Magnetically shielded coil on solenoid operated relays. Add "M" suffix. M
Coil Suppression Add "S" suffix. S
Jack Screw hardware on hermetically sealed relays employing a 50-pin connector. Add "S" Suffix. S
Top mounting flange for dust tight relays. Add "T" suffix. T
High Dielectric withstanding voltage to 1500 VAC. Add "W" suffix (includes "H" option). H


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Ordering Information
Example of part #: 901-12C-28*
T-Bar Series (901)
Number of Contacts (12)
Contact Form (C)
Coil Voltage (28)
* Please see standard option chart
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