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is to provide quality, on-time deliveries while working with customers beginning with a design concept or servicing them through off the shelf inventory.
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T-Bar offers many versions of our current product line.
When a special need arises that cannot be met with our existing T-Bar products it is time to contact our engineering department to design a custom product for your application. T-Bar products are ideal for test equipment and controls that need to operate multiple circuits at the same time. Our custom products are used in numerous critical applications. They are included in all of the United States Navy Aircraft Carriers as well as controlling the landing systems (Lantern) at numerous Military Airports. T-Bar products are also used in the Patriot Missle Launching System.

Our engineers have designed custom T-Bar products for Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Nato, Northrup Gruman, Learjet, Gulfstream and all of the divisions of our Armed Forces just to name a few.

T-Bar Switching is the solution to the problem of multi-circuit switching, whether it be gang switching, circuit selection or matrix switching. When you need assistance in any switching application, contact the T-Bar Switching Components Division, Elgin, IL at:

Toll Free: 888-622-1199
Phone: 847-742-3566
Email: info@occorp.com

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