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Specifications: 88601 & 88631 Connectors
General:  The T-Bar Series 8601 connectors have been specifically designed for use with T-Bar switches and relays. The connector contacts are crimp type which are snapped into a plastic insulator block. After installation, connectors are held in place against shock and vibration by use of a retaining clip.

Mechanical Specifications:
Wire Accommodated:
(1) AWG 18, 20, 22, 24, 26
Or PER MIL-W-16878D with max. diameter over insulation of .074
(2) AWG 22, 24, 26
Connector Material:  Lexan
Snap-in Contact Material:
Phosphor Bronze Grade A 2.4
Snap-in Contact Finish: Gold Plated snap-in contacts (MIL-G-45204 Class 4)
Retaining Clip Material:  
Stainless Steel type 303
Weight: 0.3 oz.
500 cycles of insertion & withdrawal min.
Snap-in Contact Retention: Each contact
will withstand an axial pull of 10 lbs.
After insertion into the connector block
Insertion and Withdrawal Force:
After 10 cycles of insertion and withdrawal;
2 to 12 oz. for each contact.
Labels: Permanent pressure sensitive.

Electrical Specifications:
Insulation Resistance:  
100,000 megohms min. between any contact combination @ 30°C tested at 500 VDC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
1000 VRMS min. contact to contact
at sea level.
Current Carrying Capacity: 5 amps
Contact Resistance: 5 milliohms maximum

Environmental Specifications:
Temperature: -55°C to + 85°C.
.06 double amplitude 10 to 500 CPS
Shock: 50 G

Recommended Tools:
Snap-in Contact Crimping Tools:
Hand Ratchet Tool: P/N 8601-51

Part Number:T-860161 T-Bar Terminal Removal Tool

Part Number:T-860171 T-Bar Block Removal Tongs

Connector Ordering Information:

Package P/N
Used for Switch-Relay Model No. Each Package consist of
ADD—2 for
Carton of 100
  All 801 & 901 Relays
All 802, 902 & 803 Switches
  1 Connector Block-8601
20 Contacts 8601-1
1 Label (1-6) 8601-006-1
1 Label (7-12) 8601-006-2
1 Retaining Clip 8601-2
Add—2 for
Carton of 100
  All 831 & 931 Relays
All 832 & 932 Switches
  1 Connector Block—8601
20 Contacts 8601-1
1 Label (1-6) 8601-006-1
1 Label (7-12) 8601-006-2
1 Retaining Clip 8601-22-1

Part Number: 88601-18C
Coil Connector
Part Number: 8601-51
Part Number: 88601 & 88631
Connector Tool Kit
T-Bar Relay Olympic Controls Corp.